Qik adds support for HTC devices, SE XPERIA X1

Even after having Qik on my iPhone for a month, I get the worst friggin’ case of stage fright every time I hit that record button. I have no problem being in front of an audience; nor do I generally mind cameras. But there’s something about streaming live to the internet that turns me into a babbling fool.

That said, there are probably plenty of folks out there with more e-courage than I. If any of them own any of them own an HTC Touch Dual, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC TyTn-II, AT&T Tilt, or by some stroke of magic, an Xperia X1, we’ve got good news: Qik is now up and running on all of’em.

Whenever you’re ready for internet fame and glory, head on over to Qik.