JBL makes speakers wireless, pretty

Once again, friends, into the breach. JBL has just released some speakers, a wireless subwoofer kit, and a wireless speaker kit that will have you singing in the aisles of your local Best Buy when they’re finally launched.

The WEM-1 is a wireless speaker kit for $359 and is available in September. The subwoofers, ES250PW and ES150PW cost $729 and $599 respectively include a little transmitter for sending your subwoofing to other rooms. Finally, the LS series speakers range from $999 to $1,999 each and include bookshelf, floorstanding, and center channel models.

JBL, Inc., Introduces LS Series Loudspeakers, Featuring Extraordinary Performance and Elegant Design

WOODBURY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At CEDIA Expo 2008, JBL, Inc., is introducing its LS Series high-end loudspeakers, utilizing state-of-the-art engineering and materials to deliver extraordinary sound quality. JBL® LS Series models have an elegant appearance, and are exceptionally crafted in a stunning high-gloss finish.

The LS Series includes a bookshelf loudspeaker (LS40); two floorstanding speakers (LS60, LS80); and a center channel speaker (LS CENTER). Suggested retail prices range from $999 to $1,999 each.

LS Series loudspeakers combine advanced-technology compression drivers with dynamic drivers to achieve the best sonic qualities of both – the exceptional dynamic range, transient response and transparency of compression drivers, and the articulation and presence of the finest dynamic drivers.

The speakers’ 176ND high-frequency compression driver operates in conjunction with a Bi-Radial® horn that provides optimum dispersion and a smooth frequency response both on- and off-axis. The 015M ring-radiator ultrahigh-frequency driver delivers frequency extension to beyond 40kHz. It is mounted in an exclusive Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal™ (EOS) waveguide to deliver accurate imaging in an immersive sound field. LS Series woofers utilize proprietary PolyPlas™ polymer-coated-cellulose-fiber cone material for articulate, powerful bass.

LS Series loudspeakers are constructed from only the finest materials. They are distinctively elegant in design, with curved contours, tapered sides and a high-gloss stained-wood finish.

JBL, Inc., Debuts Its ES250PW and ES150PW High-Performance Wireless Subwoofers

WOODBURY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JBL, Inc., today announced the introduction of its ES Series ES250PW and ES150PW wireless powered subwoofers. Both high-performance models can be used without running any connecting wires through walls or under floors, making installation simple.

Both subwoofers include a transmitter module that connects to an audio/video receiver or other source, and operates in the 2.4GHz frequency range for clear signal transmission to the subwoofers’ built-in wireless receiver unit. Both models feature a full complement of controls and connection options.

The subwoofers are designed to deliver exceptional sound. The ES250PW incorporates a built-in 400-watt amplifier and 12-inch woofer, and the ES150PW features a 300-watt amplifier and 10-inch woofer. The woofer cones are made from proprietary PolyPlas™ polymer-coated-cellulose-fiber cone material, which provides superior articulation and higher playback levels. Both models incorporate a specially shaped JBL® FreeFlow™ bass port that is tuned to the woofer and enclosure for extended low-frequency response and higher efficiency.

The ES250PW and ES150PW feature distinctive styling, with tapered enclosures and a front baffle that curves into the top surface. The ES250PW and ES150PW are available in black with a charcoal center section, and cherry with a charcoal center.

The JBL ES250PW and ES150PW are currently available at suggested retail prices of $729 and $599 respectively.

JBL® On Air WEM-1 Wireless Expansion Module Makes Any Loudspeaker Wireless

WOODBURY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JBL, Inc., today announced the introduction of its JBL® On Air WEM-1 Wireless Expansion Module; which adds wireless capability to any loudspeaker. It eliminates the need to run speaker wires across a room or through walls, floors or ceilings.

The WEM-1 includes a transmitter module that connects to an audio source; a receiver/amplifier unit that connects to a pair of speakers; a remote control; and accessories. It is ideal for adding multiroom capability to an existing audio system; adding surround speakers to a home theater system without running speaker wires; distributing music to anywhere in the home from a computer; and for many other applications.

The WEM-1 has an operating range of up to 70 feet. It provides a variety of connection options, including line- and speaker-level outputs, to accommodate a wide range of audio source components and A/V receivers.

The receiver/amplifier unit features a 50-watt-per-channel amplifier and includes a subwoofer output. It provides five equalization curves that are tailored for use with select JBL loudspeakers; it also provides an unequalized bypass setting.

The receiver/amplifier also has a local input, allowing the user to directly connect a portable device or other audio source to it at a remote location.

The JBL On Air WEM-1 Wireless Expansion Module will be available in September 2008 at a suggested retail price of $359.