Feeling stressed out lately? Try the Stress Cleaner SX from Japan

(video: special permission for CrunchGear from DigInfo, Tokyo)

During the recent International Office Machines & Equipment Expo, which took place in Tokyo, a company called Technos showcased a new system to support people suffering from too much stress.

Here is how the so-called Stress Cleaner SX works: Users first put on a “bio-header”, a helmet-like device (weight: 86g), which is able to register bio signals such as brain waves or myoelectric signals, used to measure the level of stress with a special bio signal reader. They then watch extra-peaceful videos and listen to healing music, jointly developed with researchers from Waseda, one of Japan’s most prestigious unversities.

The Stress Cleaner’s main selling point is the stress barometer displayed on the bottom of the screen, with which users can track their level of stress in real time (the bio-header wirelessly sends the user’s biosignals to the bio feedback reader). The data can also be stored for later reference.

Technos sells the Japan-only Stress Cleaner SX set (head gear, bio signal reader and 250 GB hard drive containing visuals and audio) for a whopping $1,500.

Via DigInfo