Canon rolls out new monitoring camera with improved image quality

Yesterday Canon in Japan unveiled the VB-C60, a new network camera, which will go on sale in this country at the beginning of October. The company claims users will get video in high quality because of its self-developed image transmission technology (Digic Net). The camera is also supposed to be more efficient the transmission of video signals, reducing network load.

The camera produces video in MPEG4 with a resolution of 640×480 pixels and at 30 frames per second. It features a 40x optical autofocus zoom lens, which Canon claims is the industry’s most powerful.

The VB-C60 is able to correct motion blur (when recording fast-moving objects) or improve visibility in a part of an object or person that can’t be seen clearly on the monitor (“smart shade control”). The maximum angle of view covered by the VB-C60 is 56°.

Caonon plans to produce 2,000 VB-C60s monthly. The camera, which is Japan-only at this point, will be available in black or white and is expected to cost $2,000 (including software).