Motion 2 Energy moves to charge up external batteries with motion

On Monday, Motion 2 Energy has plans to announce that they have been developing the world’s first external charger for mobile devices. The charger harvests the energy of everyday motion, converting it into electrical energy.

The principle is based on electromagnetic induction, which was demonstrated way back in 1831 by Michael Faraday. Basically, if a magnetic field moves through a coil of wire, an electric charge is generated in the wire. M2E expands upon this notion by capturing the subtle electromagnetic waves that we produce as we move through our daily lives.

For every six hours of cumulative motion (walking, driving, etc.), the M2E charger can generate between 30-60 minutes of talk time.

OK, I’m sold. I dig on old-timey physics that get a modern-era reworking. (Which, of course, is almost everything). But hey, if I can use a direct extension of Faraday’s work to ultimately power my cell phone, well that is just too damn cool.

The release date is expected for early 2009.