Suunto X10 GPS watch is ready for an adventure

Suunto watches are fun. This latest wrist-computer gizmo improves on the companies X9i GPS watch with even stronger GPS tech. Plus, the company throws in an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, stopwatch and kitchen sink functions. Back to that GPS stuff though.

“After converting your Suunto X10 logs with Suunto Track Exporter, you can share your adventures with anyone who uses Google Earth,” explains Suunto Outdoor Product Manager Petteri Hernelahti. “You can save your tracks in Google Earth, and then email them to friends or family, or post them on a website or blog for downloading.

How handy is that. We know of a couple gents that could use this feature next time they are out Bigfoot hunting. Maybe with this watch, they could remember where and when they spotted the EVIL fella. No word on price just yet, but we do know you can start impressing the boys around the water cooler in September.

PR via Navigadgets