Gary Krakow: Applecart bubblegum gweelix!

America’s favorite tech pundit (see: Apple needs to support BlackBerry and Playstation is an audiophile’s dream) points out that you can install Cydia on your iPhones and Touches but don’t because Apple wants your credit cards.

InfoWorld says that it’s all because of a newly developed iPhone 2.0 application called Cydia, which set up an App Store equivalent for open-source developers and those interested in sampling their wares. With Cydia, there’s no credit card required, no tracking of who had downloaded what, and no restrictions on the capabilities of applications.

Krakow’s warning is flawed because a) if you’ve hacked your iPhone, you’re not reading Gary Krakow and b) if you’re reading Gary Krakow you’re probably also eating applesauce and smearing your own feces on your locked door, thereby preventing you from picking up an iPhone.

While I know that most tech pundits talk out of their ass, it’s strange that Mr. Krakow does so with such consistency and clarity.