CrunchGirl's Guide to Gadgets for Your Girl

So here’s the scenario: you finally find yourself regularly spending time with a lovely girl who seems to really like you, and even puts up with (bonus: appreciates) your nerdy ways and gadget affinities. First of all, WOW, congratulations! Now, down to business…How to get her on board with your love for gadgetry? The simple answer to this, and essentially any persuasion quandary, is always: duh, buy her something. Obviously there is a cadre of girly-pink technology purchases you could make, but we know you’re probably too busy pondering your own personal electronic purchases. CrunchGirl will make it easier for you with this handy cheat sheet, based on the type of lady you’ve scored.

PartyGirl: Sunday days are the new Thursday nights, I’m told, but your new GF wants to go out for both. Also, Monday. She also rolls with an entourage of friends so deep you can smell the cloud of perfume coming for miles. How many photos have you seen of her where one of the subjects is also the photographer? Essentially, there’s a lot of this. The perfect gadget for PartyGirl is a Nikon COOLPIX S60, and with all sorts of “touch controls” she can continue taking multitudinous drunken shots of her crew and hopefully think of you with every touch. Extra points that CG hottie Devin gives his endorsement.

TravelGirl: You can’t fault a girl who loves to get out and see the world. While she may leave you lonely from time to time, lucky for you that sense of adventure isn’t limited to visiting unpronounceable countries. Reward her intrepidness (and encourage her timely return) with a lovely gift of a travel toy like the VIOlight, that uses UV light to keep her toothbrush uncontaminated on the road.

GirlyGirl: What girl doesn’t like a little decoration? It’s generally why we give thanks everyday not to be one of your kind. That, and lip gloss. So if you’ve got a girl who rocks a ton of hair bows, puffy skirts or really, pink anything, you’ve probably got a girl who would love a little something to doll up her iPhone and make it stand out in the crowd. Something like this. Yeah, yeah it’s a little spendy. Get over it.

2742576425 2ae9220cdf mEcoGirl: If the object of your affection hails from the Pacific Northwest, spearheads her neighborhood recycling program, or stood in line for one of these last summer chances are she loves her some green-living and eco-chic. And the fact is no girl can resist a Mimobot USB Flash Drive. Good news for you, thoughtful gift-giver, they recently launched the socially responsible Greenbot Recycling Campaign. Not gonna lie, cute + eco = probably going to be a good night.

PoshGirl: Well, hello big spender. So you got yourself a Gossip Girl. If she sets aside hours to pour over new issues of Vogue and W on the exact day they arrive, and her browser home page is, you’ll probably have to get used to shelling out the cash. Start it off right buy investing in the Prada phone by LG. Oh, and be a lamb and get me one, too.

To close (and to momentarily counteract this week’s materialistic theme), I’d like to clarify that true love is not all about consumerism. But we all know a little well thought out product placement can certainly keep your stock on the rise. So make her laugh, keep her surprised, and be sure to stay informed about what girls really want by keeping up with CrunchGirl every week. You know you love me, xoxo.