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Oh, concept art for possible Halo movie

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Follow this.

Concept art for an unmade movie to be based on a just-written script that was written to resurrect a movie franchise that disappeared even before it was actually made.

Yes, an awkwardly named Web site claims to have exclusive concept art for Halo: Fall of Reach, a script that was written because the original Halo Movie was never made. (Once upon a time, a guy from Time Warner told a group I was a part of that the movie’s script was so terrible that no major studio wanted to touch the project. Wow.) Whether or not Fall of Reach ever gets made into a movie, or whether any studio even bothers with it, is a whole different matter.

That up there is the first piece of concept art, and it looks decidedly Halo. That is to say, wildly over-hyped and merely average.

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