What's the quicker texting method: T9 or QWERTY?


Some people, like Peter Ha, text like it’s their job. It’s those people that The Symbian Blog are targeting with this interesting text messaging shootout, which pits the Nokia E71 and E90, both QWERTY-based, against the Nokia N95, which is T9-based. This is edge-of-your-seat stuff, to be sure.

Since the edge of my seat isn’t exactly comfortable, I’ll just cut right to the chase: all three phones performed similarly, and you’d be foolish to go around and shout, “QWERTY is superior” or “T9 is superior.” In hockey that’s called kissing your sister.

The phones were put to the sword, made to stamp out sentences so that data like words per minute could be calculated. That chart up there is the end result—with an E90 you can expect 36.4 words per minute, while with an N95 you can expect 36.2 words per minute.

Texters, is 0.2 seconds difference enough choose one phone over the other? I’m not much of a texter, so those things don’t matter much to me.