Texting dangers real, not funny

Because looking both ways before crossing the street is harder than following laws, Illinois has introduced a bill that would ban texting in intersections.

Ken Dunkin, the representative who introduced the bill, says texting in the street is no laughing matter:

“This legislation is not laughable. On the surface it’s like, ‘Oh wow, what is this?’ But it’s becoming more and more of a common problem with people haplessly crossing an intersection and almost killing themselves.”

He also sited two pedestrian deaths in New York city that might have been related to texting-while-walking. If New York wants to pick up the bill I hope they also ban staring-up-at-tall-buildings-while-walking and stopping-at-the-top-of-the-subway-stairs-to-look-around.

And in case you still wanted to laugh at the thought of the dangers of walking, I mean texting, the American College of Emergency Physicians issued a warning this week about the how its possible to hurt yourself when you’re not paying attention to where you are walking. And an ER doctor in Texas reported that she’s treated people who injured themselves texting while riding Segways. Oh wow, Segways!

photo care of GeekSugar