MobileMe syncing issues fixed, mail restored for the unlucky 1%

If you’re been part of the 1% of MobileMe subscribers unable to actually use their MobileMe accounts, the MobileMe Status blog has good news for you. From a post made yesterday morning: “We have completed restoring Mail service, including historical messages, to all of the 1% of affected members.”

If your MobileMe set-up is still all kinds of broken, they’ve set up a special chat line just for you. They do ask that use of the chat room is reserved for Mail issues, so try to avoid using it for dating advice or Kirk/Picard debates.

Last but not least, they’ve done away with that nasty bug where contacts and calendar data had been disappearing off of iPhones and iPod Touches during over-the-air syncs. The data oughtta restore itself automatically – if it doesn’t, they’ve got a fix for you.