AT&T [hearts] CrunchGear

Now this does warm the heart. AT&T employee and CG reader Nathan saw our anguish and reached out to help you, the readers, with your AT&T problems. Don’t spam him, guys.

I am an AT&T employee (Network engineering, not Wireless) and like everyone else, I had to wait in line. I was 16 people too late on launch day!! I got my phone through a local AT&T store using direct fulfillment… It was ordered on Friday, July 11th (Launch day) and in my hands only four days later on Tuesday!!

If you have any questions or problems with AT&T service, please email me at np2472 at and I will do whatever I can to assist! You can use my referral code to get the best deals no matter what AT&T service you order: NP2472

If you just ordered ANY of our services, shoot me an email with your BTN and let me know what you think!!! Good or Bad!!

I’m hear to help… AT&T does love it’s customers, you just have to talk to the right person to get the help your looking for sometimes!