Lots of Macs sold = new hacker target?


Could the Mac be the next big “hacker” target? Apparently one corner-office analyst thinks so, and that, in turn, is freaking The Times out.

Part of the reason for Apple’s terrific second quarter was because of the record number of Macs sold. More and more Macs out there, we’re led to believe, means that the platform is the next big hacker target.

What’s most troubling—the story really isn’t all that troubling, to be honest—is that many of these new Mac owners are the type of people who are allergic to firewalls and don’t know a damn thing about Internet security. (Incidentally, I’m an Internet security expert.)

Bottom line, turn your Mac’s firewall on and don’t do stupid stuff online; you’re not a winner, don’t click the flashy “claim prize now!” graphic.