Atlassian Announces JIRA Studio Hosted With Contegix

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Atlassian has announced the availability of their JIRA Studio suite as a hosted Saas service. JIRA Studio is a hosted integration of popular Atlassian products starting with the JIRA issue tracker and Confluence, their wiki and knowledge management product. Atlassian has partnered with Contegix to provide the hosting for the new suite of applications.

The JIRA Studio solution includes issue tracking, wiki software, SVN repository management, a single-sign on server and continuous integration. The solution as a whole is a development community and/or development suit in a box – providing almost all the tools that are required for software management. JIRA is a well known and established issue tracker, with custom workflow and a number of other features that sets it apart from competing products. Atlassian have built their suit out around the issue tracker, and overall it provides a unique and customizable environment.

Mike Cannon-Brookes, the CEO and co-founder of Atlassian commented that it was the partnership with Contegix that allowed them to enter the hosted application and Saas space. Atlassian has to date built a base of over 12,000 customers in 104 countries by licensing their collaboration and development tools. The partnership with Contegix and the new hosted solution allows the company to acquire new customers who are seeking an instant install without hosting and administrative overheads. Pricing is set at $25 per user per month, available in blocks of five licenses (so $2500 per annum). Bulk pricing rates are available beyond 100 users.

Contegix are an enterprise hosting platform that offer a 100% uptime guarantee. Their hosted service is fully managed and supported – allowing companies to focus on their product or solution rather than the hassles of hosting. At the OSCON conference, Atlassian and Contegix are offering a 5 user license of JIRA studio for free to anybody who attends a demo at their booth in the hall. For those of you not at OSCON, a live demo instance of the JIRA studio is available here.

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  • Andy Kind

    Did they just raise their prices? shows $50/user/month…

  • phil

    Contegix is awesome. They do things the right way and have rockstar sysadmins on hand 24×7. No, they’re not paying me to say this :) We rely on them to keep StyleFeeder in good shape.

  • Nicholas Muldoon [Atlassian]

    @Andy Kind

    Nope, pricing has not changed. JIRA Studio pricing is $50/user/month until you reach 100 users. Volume discounts come into effect after 100 users.

  • Andy Kind

    I was really excited when I read in the article “Pricing is set at $25 per user per month, available in blocks of five licenses (so $2500 per annum). Bulk pricing rates are available beyond 100 users.” — that’s much more in reach for a startup. So is the article wrong?

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