Digg To (Finally) Integrate OpenID, If This Picture Is To Be Believed

When Digg’s Lead Architect Joe Stump took the stage at the Facebook Developer Conference in San Francisco earlier today, something in one of his screen shots caught our attention. He was there to show how users will soon be able to log in to Digg without an account via their Facebook credentials (the new Facebook Connect product). But also included prominently in the screen, but not mentioned by Stump, was an option to log in via OpenID.

Digg founder Kevin Rose promised OpenID integration at a conference in early 2007, but the company has been silent on it since then. Like many other companies, they seemed to enjoy the positive press that the announcement made but were unwilling to schedule the development time to actually implement it.

Facebook Connect isn’t slated to go live until the Fall, and we assume they’ll push OpenID at the same time. We asked OpenID’s David Recordan what he knew – he said he noticed the same thing we did but doesn’t have any additional information on when or if Digg would finally implement the single sign-on solution. We also have an email in to Digg for comment.