Radio Shack looks to Apple stores for inspirado


Since the launch of Apple’s super-popular iPhone, competing handset manufacturers have been scrambling to produce phones that at least somewhat replicate Cupertino’s device. So it should stand to reason that the look and feel of Apple’s stores, which are quite popular with shoppers, might begin to appear in competing retailers’ stores.

Case in point, it’s being reported that Radio Shack will be opening three very familiar looking stores this October, with 10 planned by the end of the year, 150 by this time next year, followed by 400 within three years. Mike Baker, a Deutsche Bank analyst, says that the Radio Shack stores will be taking a page straight from Apple’s retail playbook, but will not likely be found in dumpy malls.

Instead, you’ll find these Radio Shack locations to be standalone stores in nicer neighborhoods. No word on whether or not Radio Shack’s planning to train its employees as thoroughly as Apple trains its retail army. I’m guessing that maybe employees in the new Radio Shack locations will be dressed nicely but will still swarm you three at a time, hoping for that sweet battery commission.

[via The Raw Feed]