Resonance Field 2.0 visualizes human behavior in working environments

Nobody is safe in their office anymore. Tokyo-based Kakuyo Office System [JP] developed Resonance Field 2.0, a technology that makes it possible to track movements and analyze human behavior in working environments.

Office workers need to wear so-called “business microscopes” around the neck, name card holders with an integrated infrared sensor, a three-axis acceleration sensor and a microphone sensor. The hardware allows for wireless data transfer, weighs about 60g and is manufactured by Hitachi [JP].

Resonance Field 2.0 is made to detect who the loners and sociable colleagues within a company are. A set of antennas placed in a given office ensures the business microscopes track movements of all staff members equipped with the business microscopes. At the end of the day, the person in charge can analyze the data by viewing graphs, diagrams and “heat maps” Resonance Field 2.0 delivers in order to identify slow and reticent people as well as rambling colleagues.

Based on quantitative data, this method supposedly makes it possible to effectively visualize and evaluate social patterns and group dynamics within organizations. A system prototype was showcased to Japanese media in an office in Tokyo during a 2-day demonstration under “real” conditions this week.

Via ITmedia [JP]