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A quick explanation: I’m working on a fuller write-up about the first TechCrunch Pitch! event in London last night, which will appear on In the meantime, please go and check out the photos and videos kindly recorded by Moblog on our TechCrunch UK account, set up specially for the event. Also check out the Flickr photos from Benjamin Ellis, and Steve Bowbrick and video from World TV (if you have any pictures and video, please email me links when they are online). The short story is that WatZatSong won the pitch prize of an Asus Eee PC by a hair’s breadth, as competition from the rest of the top 5 runners-up was fierce: Weblin, TIOTI, Amazee and Tactile CRM.

Thanks again to all the other startups for pitching: Wigadoo, MyMart, Qajack, Kappa Prime, Notely, Babbel, TagMan, Kazoome, Betaface, Zendesk, Snagsta, Phreadz, Phonefromhere and Moblog. Overall the feedback I got was that people enjoyed the event.

They generally said that they liked the fast pace and the slightly “punk” concept (perhaps the beer handed out during the pitches helped!). Some made the point that pitches tended to be better when they were shorter, so I’ll be working on refining the idea even more. Thanks to everyone for coming and to our sponsors, Iperium Consulting, Heller Ehrman, Sun Microsystems Startup Essentials, Flexiscale, Huddle, Bview.

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  • Robleh

    It was a good event – well organised. Thanks Mike. Free beers are always a treat.

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  • Jay Adair

    I second that, it was well run! Even though Mike didn’t want to do much talking, he did a good job. Great to meet some new faces and get some feedback on ideas and to see how others are pitching themselves.

    Thanks again Mike. Roll on the next TC event :)

  • Wigadoo


    Great event last night thanks for the spot, we all enjoyed it, demo’ing and listening to the other exciting pitches.

    Well organised and we’ll come again. Thanks!


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  • Benjamin Ellis

    It was a great event. Excellent networking, and a brilliant learning environment for the European start up community.


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  • Kappa Prime

    Thanks for a well-organised event. I’m looking forward to the next TCPitch!


  • Sam Michel

    Top event, nicely done. Loved the punk element to it, especially when you consider that the whole thing took place in a Church Hall. Look forward to the next one.

    Oh, and thanks for letting me plug the Digital Missions to NYC and SXSWi

    Glad TC are going to be our media partners on this, and looking forward to boosting UK digital successes in the US.

  • stewart townsend

    Top night, good crowd and feedback from all, good to catch up pitching is the main necessity for all startups, run these at startup essential user group as well…

  • Ben Godfrey

    Yes, it was a really great event. The pared-down format worked very well, Doug Richards’ feedback was valuable (and entertaining) and the startups were all really interesting.

    I thought it was just great to see so many amazingly talented people working on such a diverse range of ideas. Very positive for the tech industry.

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