Italians may get to activate their iPhone 3G from home

Hutchison 3G
Bear with us, readers. We know you’re sick of iPhone news, but it’s almost over. This may or may not put your panties in a bunch, but the Italians supposedly have the pleasure of activating their iP3G from home because Vodafone and Telecom Italia are incapable of the task. However, Voda and TI customers will have to agree to a 2-year contract. Hutchison G3 Italy has also come out to tout themselves as an iPhone 3G carrier. They claim to have cheaper plans than those of Vodafone and TI up to 30 percent. The cost of the device from H3G Italy could be 90 Euro with plans ranging from 10 to 20 Euro.

Macity 1 and Macity 2 [Both are in Italian] via Electronista