Here Comes The iPhone App Store

It looks like green lights all the way for the launch of the iPhone App Store this week. Most developers have been told they must submit their applications by 12 PM PDT today (Monday) to be considered for inclusion in the launch: “Have your application be among the first available when the App Store goes live. To ensure your application can be considered for the exciting launch of the App Store, submit your application by 12 PM PDT, on July 7, 2008. We will continue to accept applications after this time, however your application may not be available until after the launch of the App Store. Conduct final testing of your application with iPhone OS beta eight and submit your app today.”

The store will almost certainly launch by Friday when the 3G iPhone is released, but some app developers say the App Store will likely launch a few days before that. Most developers will only get a few hours notice prior to the go live time, and Apple is keeping a tight reign on PR, as usual. The store could be launched as early as Tuesday.

If you are a developer who has an app to show, make sure you submit a demo video to us for review on launch day.