The Top 10 Ways IT Geeks Will Spend The Long Weekend

The week is again coming to a close, albeit a day early. Most of you are probably going away, or more likely spending the weekend catching up on your feed subscriptions. So here is our wrap-up, the Top 10 Ways IT Geeks Will Spend The Long Weekend:

10. Grill some hot dogs on that old Macbook Pro
9. Watching the fireworks at Golden Gate Park – on Qik
8. Practice lining up for the new iPhone
7. Catch a tan under the nearest fireworks display
6. Get all ready to go to that cool party you were invited to, only to find out it is in Second Life
5. Turn it into a four day weekend by editing the Wikipedia entry
4. Step through each Gillmor post with a Thesaurus
3. Re-create the American Revolution in World Of Warcraft
2. Play the star-spangled banner Hendrix style, on guitar hero
1. Celebrate by removing the zonefile from your DNS servers for a day