Motorola Blaze, a wonky flip-cover touch screen thing for Verizon

At this point, writing a post bagging on Motorola is like writing a post about why punching babies is a bad thing. It’s just too easy, and no one really needs to be convinced. That said, all I see when I look at this phone is an odd attempt to strap a bunch of extraneous plastic onto a touchscreen and pretend the design is useful.

Boy Genius has dug up some details on Motorola’s newest stab at the touchscreen market, the Motorola Blaze. It’s coming to Verizon, with EV-DO Rev. A, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 2.0 megapixel camera. Word thus far isn’t too good: the browser is less than okay, and the on screen keyboard is even worse.

Check out a few more shots over at BGR.