BlackBerry BIE 2.5 coming to T-Mobile tonight, OS 4.5 not coming til September

t mobilebis2 5

Well, it’s nice to know that T-Mobile will be upgrading BIE to 2.5 tonight, but without the upgrade to OS 4.5 it’s pretty much useless. I would love nothing more than to finally have HTML e-mail, but it’s simply a waste of my time for T-Mobile to upgrade because none of us are running OS 4.5. It’s more of a nuisance to have the downtime, right? So don’t expect to receive or send e-mails starting tonight at 11PM PT until 3AM PT along with a few other features.

I sure as heck didn’t receive notification of this downtime as the image implies we should have. Did you? I expect this sort of treatment from RIM since it’s widely known that they hate bloggers and wouldn’t bother telling us, but I would have thought T-Mobile would have given us the heads up.

Here’s what to expect from OS 4.5. BGR’s gallery doesn’t seem to be working.

* You can save attachments including audio and video formats.
* Full list of supported downloadable attachments are: .doc, .ppt., .xls, .wpd, .txt, .html, .pdf, .zip, and the aforementioned audio / video formats.
* File size of attachments is limited to 3MB.
* The 4.5 OS will be “available for all BlackBerry’s in September.” This includes the 8100, 8800, 8820, 8300, 8310, 8120, and the 8110. No 8320 love?
* “If a BlackBerry launches before September, it will have 4.5 software.”
* Addition of push AOL email and Hotmail/MSN accounts.