Dublin TechCrunch Meetup!

I flew into Dublin today for our first TechCrunch meetup in Ireland (yay!), and as previously blogged, TechCrunch is hooking up with networking event TechLudd to create a real-world mashup we like to call CrunchLudd (see what we did there?)

This morning I rocked up to Dublin’s The Digital Media Hub to meet with a bunch of interesting startups here. I took a few pictures and shot some short video pitches (please excuse the camera shake, it was shot on a mobile phone…)

Here are the pix so far of the trip:

Here’s the short video interviews with RelevantMedia, IGO People, PutPlace (which just launched an open beta), SentryWireless and Digital Media Forum:

Meetup details for tonight:

If you’re in Dublin tonight, then the meetup is from 7:30pm at “4 Dame Lane”, Dublin

The event is absolutely free so please but you must register on the Amiando page. There’ll be an “OpenDemo” for those who want feedback on the stuff they’re working on right now. Here’s a list of our demo companies.

Thanks a million to our sponsors:

dev.mobi is the world’s leading independent mobile development community, brought to you by Dublin’s very own dotMobi

Digital Media Forum
The Digital Media Forum is an enterprise network that develops and administers enterprise resources for companies in the digital media industry. Our goal, over the next two years, is to develop the network of companies in the Digital Media area.”

Sun Startup Essentials
The Sun Startup Essentials program is specifically designed to help startups get their business off the ground FAST—at the LOWEST COST possible.

Tidal Wave Media
Coming soon at http://tidalwaveweb.com, Tidal Wave media is a crowdsourced magazine publishing company. It uses Social Networking technology to allow users in specific interest areas to build and realize a magazine for them and there community.