Better a dead Symbian than an open one

Livin’ on the high end.

TheRegister makes an interesting point: Symbian is dead. Once Nokia bought and decided to open-source it you can be certain that it will end up in low-end, developing market phones and not any of Nokia’s flagship models. It can’t simply because the OS and UI are twenty years old and far too klunky to offer any wow to a jaded populace.

Now that anything can essentially run anything, Symbian is just a phone OS, not a smartphone OS. Even the definition of “smartphone” has changed. Was the iPhone a smartphone in its 1.x stage? No. It was basically a souped up RAZR. The industry is swiftly moving towards taking better care of their software and letting the hardware stay stagnant. After all, who needs a fast phone if you can’t sanely delete 500 messages from your inbox?