Nirvanix and CDNetworks Combine Forces

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Nirvanix, an Amazon S3 competitor that launched last Fall, has partnered with CDNetworks, a content delivery network that competes with the likes of Akamai and Limelight.

The partnership makes Nirvanix’s cloud storage service available to all of CDNetworks’ customers, who will be able to store an unlimited amount of data on Nirvanix’s servers and then push this data out to any of CDNetworks’ 63 worldwide distribution nodes.

The companies claim the partnership will save customers 80-90% of the costs associated with building out storage infrastructures of their own.

  • Andy Gongea

    I understand that they will join their efforts but has anyone the power to take over S3’s crown?

    I don’t think so. Not even Google

  • Mike

    Considering Amazon goes down alot and S3 is also prone to outages, I think anyone has the potential to take over the top spot, especially Nirvanix. Good partnership between CD Networks and Nirvanix also.

  • Mary Fallon

    Nirvanix’ alliance with 3Tera, Inc., a grid (distributed) and utility computing technology provider, in March opened up its chances with enterprises. Plus the deal gave 3Tera some differentiation with VMWare. Nirvanix’s January DEMO 08 launch video is here:

  • Jason Hurley

    Unfortunatelly, Nirvanix is less available than S3. They have actually lost customer data and some of their nodes are very unavailable (New Jersey). Nirvanix has not had their first month fulfilling their own SLA.

  • chieffibbeaus

    На мой взгляд всё не так

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