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UK video hosting startup Mydeo, has launched an enterprise version of its service under the name m3 (Mydeo Media Manager). The idea is to aim the service at the SME business market, providing simple, turnkey uploading and reporting interface for companies wanting to deliver high quality video on their sites and run rich campaigns. M3 supports all the major video formats including Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime and more. The problem with delivering high quality video on a site is that it can affect performance. Mydeo’s pitch is that they’ll take care of that issue. Mydeo says it will will be launching co-branded versions for both agencies and traditional hosting providers looking for a delivery partner. The move marks further momentum for the UK startup which last year signed a deal with giant US retailer Best Buy to offer its service to customers. Mydeo launched in Spring 2005 following an R&D grant for Technical Innovation from the DTI. By the end of 2005 Mydeo were Microsoft’s European Windows Movie Maker partner, providing high quality Windows Media Hosting services for XP users worldwide.

Update: Looking into the pricing, it’s 100GB transfer and 10GB storage for $475, which looks kinda pricey, or perhaps this is what it takes for ‘quality’ video?

Update2: Cary Marsh from Mydeo responds to the pricing issue in the comments.

  • Personal Projects

    M3 is an online suite for hosting and delivering video files effortlessly keeping our site performance optimized. It provides streaming for over 150,000 people, communities and businesses. Great!
    -Deepa (

  • Cary Marsh

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the review. Just to comment on the pricing thing……

    For fully scalable high resolution media delivery you need to use a CDN.

    CDN’s minimum contracts start at around $1000 per month – for more throughput most SME’s would need, and you’ll need to sign up for 12 months – plus $1000 or so set-up fees, and another $500 per month for online reporting in (near) real-time.

    Crucially though, setting all this up can take many days. We think we’re addressing a real need by providing a flexible service, (using a world-leading CDN) that can be used instantly – so that campaigns can be turned around fast!

    Our prices start at £50 per month and for that you get everything – and you get it instantly :)

  • Francois

    Very true!!!

    Offering a scalable streaming solution certainly isn’t cheap and until recently was almost impossible (cost/benefit) for low volume publishers to access.

    We are working on something similar and have to say that mydeo’s pricing is actually very competitive.

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