New zero-emission house to be constructed in Japan

In the past few years, a few countries developed “green houses” with zero or close to zero emission, for example in the UK. Now, in the light of the upcoming G8 summit in Hokkaido (July 7-9), the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is constructing a new zero-emission house [JP].

The house (280 square meters) will be ready at the end of June, costing nearly $2 million. It will be based on ecological cement and feature vacuum and thermal insulation. Solar panels on the roof, a wind generator and fuel cells are supposed to ensure stable energy supply. Guests can also explore the vicinity by driving with an electric car.

The METI is collaborating with a couple of Japanese technology powerhouses in this project. Honda’s Asimo will take on the role of a robotic maid, while Panasonic plans to offer an environmentally friendly foot bath to the house guests. Sanyo will showcase their “green” washer/dryer AQUA, products from their Eneloop line and an air purification system equipped with the Sanyo virus washer technology.