DocSyncer Merges With The Deadpool

DocSyncer, the service that allowed users to sync their desktop documents with Google Docs, has closed its doors.

At first glance, the move seems surprising. DocSyncer had established a strong user base, having accumulated over 6 million documents since its launch last October. A mere six months ago we reported that the company was “going gangbusters”, and was the web’s largest contributor to Google Docs.

So what happened? DocSyncer CEO Cliff Shaw says that the company simply couldn’t find a viable business model. The team decided that despite DocSyncer’s steady growth, it wasn’t going anywhere fast (the company also faced the looming threat of Google creating its own syncing service). Rather than dwindle more money and time on the service, Shaw and company have decided to move on. The team has begun work on a new photo site called picstreem, and are currently seeking funding.

Last December Shaw’s photo backup company ProtectMyPhotos shut down after losing out to competitors like Mozy and Carbonite. DocSyncer was that product’s successor, leveraging much of ProtectMyPhotos’s technology.

DocSyncer has been added to the Deadpool.