Tom Tom is not making software for iPhone; Tom Tom is making software for iPhone

tomtom iphoneSo a few days ago a Tom Tom spokesman let his mouth get away from him saying that Tom Tom has a navigation system that runs on the new 3G iPhone already. This set up a series of ripples in the GPS fanboy community (yes, there is one). Tom Tom’s GPS software is very popular and the idea of having it in their pockets makes them go a little crazy.

But then rumors started going around that there wasn’t any development for the iPhone from Tom Tom. Old man Joel at BBG has it on good authority that there’s nothing in the works and that it was just a marketing ploy by a Tom Tom exec. That was yesterday.

Today, Friday the 13th, brings word from Mac News Network that there is development for the iPhone from Tom Tom. They talked to a French rep who surrendered that Tom Tom’s developers had indeed experimented with Navigator on the iPhone and that it worked fairly well.

Now that doesn’t mean that there’s an official product in the works. Many development teams experiment to see what’s possible, but that doesn’t mean they always follow through.

So in the end, the question is, “Will there be Tom Tom software for iPhone?” And the answer is, “Not yes, but not no. Let’s get a beer, it’s Friday.”