New Yahoo Logo Spotted in the Wild

Could the purple logo to the right represent a new Yahoo branding initiative? Or just a photoshop hit job?

Ben Sweat, a product manager at Snap, claims to have spotted it at the top of the Yahoo homepage in Firefox 3 this morning (see shot below). But when he tried to replicate the logo in Internet Explorer, it was gone. Our attempts to load the new logo, in either Firefox or IE, were also unsuccessful.

This is likely what’s called a “bucket test,” where a small percentage of users see a new feature or, in this case, design change. Let us know if you’ve seen it as well.

Maybe (just maybe) we’ll hear more in this afternoon’s Yahoo/Google joint announcement. Perhaps some kind of favicon partnership is in the works…

Update: Others are seeing this too.

Update 2: It looks like several variants are cropping up for visitors to Yahoo’s homepage. Ike in our comments points to the one below (originally posted here).