WWDC 2008 Keynote Live – Recap

CONFIRMED – iPhone 3G launched – $199 for 8GB model. $299 for 16GB model. Coming July 11th.

The WWDC 2008 Live Keynote is over. Thank you for tuning in! Hit the jump to see what the fun was like.

10:48 – “The first phone to beat the iPhone.”

10:41 – Selling iPhone 3G all over the world.
us canada mexico
15 in south america
28 in europe
8 in asia/australia

10:40 – Third party apps. SDK. Great tools. Best way to distribute apps.
10:39 – Tracking GPS in Maps. Much much faster.
10:37 – 300 hours of standby. 10 hours of 3G talk time. 5 to 6 hours of browsing. 24 hours of audio. 7 hours of video. GPS built-into iPhone.
10:34 – Thinner at edges. Same 3.5-inch display. camera. flush headphone jack.dramatically improved audio. feels better in your hand. Faster data downloads. 21 seconds do download website in 3G. 59 seconds on edge. 3G 2.8x faster.
3G speeds are approaching WiFi. Amazingly Zippy.

3G iPHONE!!!!!! iPhone in more countries. Sold in 6 countries so far, in use all over the world. Everybody wants a cheaper iPhone.
10:28 – iPhone’s first birthday. Best invention of the year. Widely believe that this is the phone that changed phones forever. 90% customer satisfaction. 98% are mobile browsing. From Nothing to 98%. 94% are using email. 80% are using 10 or more features.
10:27 – Syncs with outlook, entrourage, mail, ical, etc. 20GB of online storage. 60-day free trial. Available in early July. What about .Mac. Mobile Me replaces .Mac.
10:25 – Cool interface. Lots of “tricks.” All of this is shown on Safari. “Send to Mobile Me.” Send photos online.

10:24 – Calendar pushes from cloud to phone. Automatic push.

11:20 – Rich Ajax environment. Drag and drop. Me.com isn’t up yet, incidentally. Password protect your info. OTA interaction with Mobile Me. iPhone is pushed to phone.

11:15 – Mobile Me works with Mail.app, iCal, Address Book. Works in Outlook. Me.com.

11:13 – Mobile Me. New .Mac. Exchange for the rest of us. Phil Schiller. Now you can use Mobile Me for push email, contacts, and calendars. Mobile Me stores your info anywhere using any device. Push info up and down to keep up to date all the time. All OTA.

11:12 – Developer certification program. Ad Hoc apps.
11:10 – 10MG via WiFi
Enterprises can offer apps for download to certain phones. Distributed on your own internal network.
11:08 – App store launched in July. Free for iPhone uses, $9.99 for Touch users. Apps are secures. No charge to give away apps free.
11:05 – Steve back. iWork document support and contact search. Numbers, Pages, and Keynote. Open Excel, Word, and PowerPoint docs. Download attachments. Save images to photo library.
Bulk delete and move in email
Sideways calculator.
Parental controls.
Lots of languages. Two forms of entry for Japanese and two forms of entry for Chinese. One finger-based character entry type. Switch languages on the fly.
One of the advantages of not having a bunch of plastic keys.

11:04 – CONFIRMED – Push notification service. Available in September.
11:00 – One new feature request. Background processes. Apple won’t support it. Showing Windows Mobile task manager – horrible solution. Using a push notification service in the background. Running an IM app. Connected to server. When you’re out of an app, the iPhone watches threads. Persistent IP connection. 3rd Party Server can push notifications.

10:57 – Digital Legends Entertainment. Barcelona-based gaming team led by Xavier Carrillo Costa. it’s a Prince of Persia-like advanced 3D platformer.
You’re some sort of ninja running around hitting pterodactyls with a baseball bat.

10:55 – Medical apps and mapping apps.


CroMag Racing:



10:47 – MLB.com app. Jeremy Shayers from MLB. All today’s games with full stats. Who’s on base, batting, pitching…
live, real time video highlights of mlb games
every game, live

10:46 – Music creation app. Band. Drumbeat. Jailbroken iPhone owners will know it

10:42 – Brian Greenstone from PanGea software.
TWO games that are ready at launch.
Enigmo. Falling water droplets into a container. Rotating droplets. Very CPU intensive. Great CPU in the iPhone.
CroMagRally – 3D caveman racing game. 11 cars to choose from. Porting the games over took 3 days. It’s like flinstones meets San Francisco Rush. iPhone is the steering wheel… kind of like the Wii.

10:39 – Associated Press app. Mobile, local news network. You can supply news to the AP via the AP.app. Took only a few weeks to build.

10:38 – CONFIRMED – Typepad.app
10:36 – Typepad. Very easy to post on your blog. “Incredibly easy” to post photos. Free in the app store.
Built-in photoblogging using the camera API
Takes the photo album into the app

10:34 – Loopt, location based social networking. Connecting with people on the go. We make serendipity happen.
It’s like the loopt web thing, but location aware
so you can find your friends based on their loops twitter thing
Free on iPhone

10:33 – CONFIRMED eBay.app is FREE on app store.
10:30 – eBay. Ken Sun from eBay. Live eBay views.
live listings on the ebay application
webkit is in the application, so you can see the real auction HTML, just as the seller intended
Bid automatically on the system.

10:28 – Took Sega two weeks to port Super Monkey Ball. Inviting Ethan from Sega. 110 stages for a handheld game. All the classic monkeys. Fantastic gaming experience.

his looks amazing
3D video
uses accelerometers for tilt control
it’s great
available for $9.99

10:26 – Pogue says “Windows… Mac OS X… iPhone.”

10:25 – Disney says it likes the new iPhone SDK. After working with other devices, the iPhone SDK is a breath of fresh air.

10:22 – Showing UI builder. One-click compiler. Showing how to build applications for the iPhone. Clapping.

10:17 – CONFIRMED – iPhone uses OS X.
10:13 – here’s scott forrester
the SDK has the same APIs and tools as Apple uses internally
so we can make apps the same way apple does internally
the core and kernal are the same
security tcp/ip
power management

10:11 – CONFIRMED – New SDK has much more Enterprise support.
There are three parts to the iphone sdk
The first part is enterprise
We’ve got exchange built-into iphone 2.0 software
Email, calendars, contacts all sync
global lookup, remote wipe, the works
cisco has a secure VPN as well

10:08 – With 5200 this is the biggest WWDC ever.
Steve is on stage in jeans and turtleneck.
snowleapord is coming today
now let’s talk about iphone
iphone 2.0 launches today

9:58 – Seated.
9:49 – Ryan Block of Engadget opines:

9:39 – Six Apart confirms iPhone blogging app.
9:35 – CONFIRMED eBay and Loopt first two iPhone store apps. Ebay’s guy will speak on stage.
Still in line.
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9:22AM –
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9AM –

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