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I’m really looking forward to the TechCrunch / CrunchGear Meetup in Berlin this Wednesday, June 11. Organised with the excellent assistance of our local partner twidox, the event has been made possible by our fantastic sponsors, listed below.

A full 250 people are coming, and the event (announced back in May) is now completely full. has kindly offered to throw the networking event at their offices. So if you haven’t got a ticket now I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until we do another Berlin meetup, which may well be before the end of the year, judging by the enormously enthusiastic reaction to this one.

To keep up with the event live, There’ be a ‘live community’ on via Six Groups. If you upload your pictures and/ or videos to Sevenload or Flickr, please tag them with “tcberlin” and use the hashtag “#tcb” when twittering. To join the live stream and for your tweets to also show up, please go to and register for the community. When registering, state your twitter account and then your tweets will appear in the “live stream”.

We hope everyone has a great night. Peter Ha from CrunchGear and I (Mike Butcher) look forward to meeting all the startups and we’ll be doing some live coverage of our own…

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Allyve – all you have, all live. Allyve is your remote control with preview for the internet: all you have, all live, alive!

Deine Tierwelt – With 4 Mio visits per month is Germanys leading pet community. The platform offers new concepts of “user engaged advertising”. We invented the new ad format “StageAd”: an innovative use of video for online communication.

Gimahhot – Gimahhot is the world’s first B2C Ecommerce platform on which brand products are traded like on the stock exchange. Similar to Amazon’s Marketplace, users can buy immediately at the current offer price or place bids that all merchants can react on

Hiogi – is the easiest mobile search powered by the wisdom of the crowds! It is based upon the world’s first knowledge community that sends adhoc answers directly to your mobile phone. Ask anything – everywhere for free via Twitter SMS, WAP or email.

Hobnox – Hobnox is an online entertainment platform which unites broadcast quality media with social networking and cutting edge technology. Come to Hobnox to watch, connect, collaborate and create

Imedo – imedo is a German health community that enables patients to take control over their health by sharing advice on such matters as diseases or treatment options and finding people with similar health challenges

Jimdo – is the easiest to use online-website creator. You can integrate any kind of content, adjust or implement your own design, write a blog within the site, set different privacy levels – and thus create a completely independent site about yourself. Social features will help you to keep in touch with your friends!

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locr – Locate your photos, discover the world and share with friends. locr offers geo-enhanced photo sharing for mobile phone users and hobby photographers.

MediaVentures – an entrepreneur-driven venture capitalist with a successful track record in developing strong brands out of fresh ideas.

Microsoft – Connect, share and make your conversations count with Windows Live Messenger.
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Mister Wong – Mister Wong is Europe´s leading social bookmarking service with more than 4 million unique visitors a month and did just aqcuired, a media and services aggregator. is also a sponsor.

mokono – mokono specializes in blog advertising solutions. The knowledge to do so effectively derives from operating one of Europe’s largest blog community networks including such properties as, and which carry several hundred thousand blogs

Plazes – Plazes is your social web to-go. Share your location, stay connected with friends, let them know where you’re at and make future plans, see who’s crossing your path and what’s happening nearby.

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Qype – The largest user-generated local review site in Europe

Refined Labs – Refined Labs is developing an Online Marketing Toolbox that will help advertisers to increase their ROI on Online Advertising. Refined Ads, their recently launched Search Engine Marketing Management Software, enables agencies, big direct customers as well as affiliates to get better results out of their SEM campaigns.

Sevenload – sevenload is your social media platform for photos, videos and interactive shows. Our community offers all sevenloaders a ton of excitement and enormous creative potential – so get on sevenload today!

Sixgroups – With the new six groups livecommunities, webmasters can turn their websites into communities within minutes. They provide a new way of real time communication called the “livestream” which aggregates community activities, topic-related social media and chat messages.

Talicious – a web based community for talented people, no matter whether it is photography, art, music, singing or sports.

Toksta – toksta* provides a text, voice and video instant messenger for social communities and forums. The widget can be implemented by the communities via a copy & paste script and is 100% free (incl. hosting, revenue share, design customization and logo branding).

twidox – twidox is a free, user generated library of ‘quality’ documents that allows individuals and organizations to easily publish, distribute, share, and discover them.

Weblin – The social software Weblin not only makes people visible on websites but also makes communication possible across all websites. It brings people with the same interests together and turns the entire web into a virtual world.

Xing – The business network connecting millions of professionals worldwide

Zanox – Participate in the zanox Web Services Contest 2008: One Million Euros Venture Capital from the zanox Campus Sponsors. Enterprises, startups or developers can prove that they have developed an monetizing business model based on the zanox web services. The best 20 candidates will be asked on September 30, 2008, to turn in their business plans until October 5, 2008.

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  • Nicole Simon

    Assuming that you will come over, the next logical event would be the web 2.0 expo in October which is already filling up with an international barcamp, another girl geek dinner, a facebook dev garage and the expo with their parties of course. ;) see you wednesday.

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  • Andreas Stephan

    This is going to be great!

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