CrunchGear Interviews Glenn Lurie, President of National Distribution for AT&T

Check out Matt Hickey’s interview with Glenn Lurie, President of National Distribution for AT&T at CrunchGear. Here’s a snippet.

Steve and his friends had a great presentation where we saw new apps for a bevy of developers, most of them pretty good looking.

But the star of the show was the new iPhone 3G, a slimmer, faster version of the handset we all know an love. I talked to Glenn Lurie from AT&T Mobility earlier to clear up a few lingering questions. Sadly, most of what he told me were qualified “no comments”, but we were able to glean a couple nifty tidbits about AT&T’s involvement with the new phone.

Many were wondering if the lower price would mean a subsidy from AT&T. The new contract prices seem to indicate that it does, though Lurie couldn’t go on the record about that. One fear some had was that Apple would have to pull the phone from the Apple store, selling exclusively through AT&T retail outlets. This won’t be the case. The iPhone 3G will continue to be sold through AT&T and Apple both, good news for many.