Breaking: Apple to launch iChat for Windows on Monday!?

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Follow me here. There’s a lot of discussion on Digg and other blogs (Hi, Ryan!) saying that these photos of the iPhone 2 are fake, and the part about a Windows XP or Vista requirement is proof. But look again: The Windows stuff is a footnote. And what’s it a footnote to? Look at the images above.

It’s talking about iChat, and says “Now available for iPhone — and Windows,” with a footnote that says “Windows XP SP2 (or higher) or Windows Vista required.”

To me, it’s not saying you need windows to have video chat with an iPhone, it means you’ll need those versions of Windows for the new version of iChat Apple is going to release for PC.

It’s not a stretch: iTunes, Quicktime and now Safari are already on millions of Windows PCs across the world, so Apple adding iChat to the list just makes sense.

Could this be the “One more thing…” on Monday?