LG Dare snapped in the wild

I was never a huge fan of the LG Prada, mainly because I think slapping fashion brands onto phones is a stupid way to add a few hundred (or thousand) bucks to the price tag.

That said, I’m liking the look of the Prada-esque LG Dare. They’ve rounded out the rough edges, and overhauled the UI. Under the Dare’s 240×400 touchscreen, LG will be packin’ in a 3.5mm headphone jack (Whoo! No adapters!), a 3.2MP autofocus camera, microSDHC support, and an accelerometer.

It’s looking pretty good so far, like the offspring of the LG Prada and the LG Viewty. Expect this sleek little lovechild to hit sometime in July.

More live shots at PhoneArena.