New York launches anti-piracy ad campaign: Your intelligence is in no way insulted


Go ahead and tell me that New York isn’t over. The city will be plastering subways with anti-piracy flyers throughout the summer, telling people, essentially, not to copy that floppy. Harried New Yorkers and in-the-way tourists will be treated to mock movie ratings, like the kind seen here. Instead of “R” and “PG” we’ll be seeing “RO” and “F” for “ripped off” and “f,” respectively.

Keep in mind that this is more about on-the-street piracy than cruising The Pirate Bay for DVD rips of Cloverfield, which, I must say, was probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

Meanwhile, the MPAA says nearly 23,000 people have lost their jobs because of piracy, which also caused a $903m loss last year. I… don’t believe that stat. That’s just me, though.