Jackie Chan wants Segway to manufacture in China, Segway doesn't think so

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Did anyone know that Jackie Chan is the owner of a Segway dealership in Hong Kong? Me either. The action superstar is hoping that Segway will allow the scooters to be assembled in China to help drive down the costs, which would in turn drive sales. The Segway currently retails for $10,000 in China and that’s double what we here in the US would pay. However, Segway doesn’t want any part in it because they fear someone will steal the technology and start making knockoffs.

“They’re afraid of people stealing the technology,” the 54-year-old action star said Wednesday at a security fair in Hong Kong.

Chan and his business partner, Matt McGuire, hope to sell between 600 and 1,000 units this year in China. If you’re going to the Olympics this summer you’ll probably see staffers cruising around the venues.