EA Acquires Shawn Fanning's Rupture, Says The LA Times A Month After We Did

The LA Times and others are reporting that EA has acquired Shawn Fanning’s social-network-gaming startup Rupture for around $30 million. We reported this deal a month ago.

The first sentence of the LA Times story: “Shawn Fanning…has finally earned some money.”

The title of our post a month ago: “Shawn Fanning Finally Gets A Real Payday…”

They did add a link to the story giving us some credit for breaking it, albeit with a statement suggesting we hit the trigger too soon: “When the widely read blog TechCrunch wrote two weeks ago that gaming giant EA had bought Rupture for a reported $30 million, it wasn’t true. But it is now.”

Here’s the very short EA press release on the deal.