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TechCrunch UK is taking the TechCrunch brand on a little road-trip (OK, plane trip) around Europe this summer and afterwards, making face-to-face contact with Europe’s best and brightest startups. We just held a great meetup in Barcelona for instance. Where possible I’ll be holding a TechCrunch meetup in the cities I visit (keep track via Dopplr), usually with a local partner. So here’s where I’ll be going next:

Seedcamp Paris
June 6th
Come and say hi as I’ll be at this influential competition for French startups.

June 11th
Berlin TechCrunch Meetup!
It’s gonna be huge… stay tuned for an update shortly on this.

June 12th
A great new event in New Europe. I’ll be speaking at the conference.

June 20th
Come and say hi, as I’ll be at this cool new event for startups and VCs in Rome.

Techcrunch / TechLudd Mashup
June 26th
A TechCrunch meetup held in conjunction with TechLudd (the Irish startup networking event). Watch TechCrunch UK & Ireland for details of the event, to be announced soon. Save the date! (A little more info is here).

June 28th
TechCrunch and Webrazzi, Turkey’s leading Web 2.0 blog, are co-organising a Meetup, featuring demos from Turkey’s best and brightest startups. Please contact Webrazzi’s Arda Kutsal for more information.

July 1st
Athens TechCrunch meetups co-organised with George Tziralis and Open Coffee Greece. Please get in touch about sponsorship.

July 4th
Mobile 2.0 Europe
TechCrunch UK is supporting the after-party for Europe’s hottest mobile 2.0 startups.

July 17th
TechCrunch Meetup Co-organised with Zurich’s Wuala and Doodle, and supported by Geneva’s Newscred. Yes, we want to mash-up startups from both those cities! Please get in touch about sponsorship.

September 4th
Proposed TechCrunch Meetup Co-organised with Secondbrain. Please get in touch about sponsorship.

September 11th
Proposed TechCrunch Meetup Co-organised with Twingly. Please get in touch about sponsorship.

September 25th
Proposed TechCrunch Meetup Co-organised with Jimdo. Please get in touch about sponsorship.

Other TechCrunch Events in Europe:

And TechCrunch UK has started organising other events, including a recent London Meetup TechCrunch Dinners (our first was with Scott Rafer here). We are looking for other notable speakers for panels and events, so please get in contact if you are going to be in London at some point and we’ll schedule you in.

We are also planning a major TechCrunch event in London, to be announced shortly. And we want to do other meetups around Europe (and I mean all of Europe, including Eastern Europe), so please get in touch about sponsoring and co-organising those with us. We’re currently missing a few countries as you can see. Thanks!

  • Erhan Erdogan

    Arda kutsal’s mail is akutsal(at) Istanbul is waiting you Mike! ; )

  • Paul Lomax

    I hope you’re offsetting your carbon? :-)

  • Mike Butcher

    Paul Lomax – Yeah, I plan to plant some trees. Or something.

  • Ted

    @ Mike. Surely “plan to let someone else plan to plant trees for you”?

  • Orli Yakuel

    Why Israel is not on the tour?

    We’re so close to Istanbul!

  • Mike Butcher

    Orli Yakuel – Ouriel Ohayon, editor of TechCrunch France, lives part of the time in Tel Aviv, Israel, and organises the iDrink event, so maybe contact him for some TechCrunch stuff.

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  • steve ballmer

    I have to check my schedule, I plan to be to one of these but, no more slavic countrys for me!

  • Frederico

    Any thoughts of organising smth like this in Lithuania or Latvia in the near future? :)

  • Mike Butcher

    FYI – stayed tuned to this post. I am going to be adding more dates, so leave a comment and you’ll get emailed when there are new dates added (plus details about the the UK/London event).

  • Shafqat

    Looking forward to the event in Switzerland! Hopp Suisse!

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