One-Stop Accounts Manager PageOnce Launches

PageOnce, the personalized homepage for account management that I put up against more traditional homepages like Netvibes and PageFlakes in February, has opened its doors to the public.

Its launch comes after a private beta period where it collected 20,000 registered users and built up support for more than 60,000 account types. These range from bank accounts to flight itineraries to social network profiles. The idea is that you can monitor and manage all of your online services in one place.

Since our last look at PageOnce, it has added a news feed-like feature that gives you an overview of all the changes that have taken place across your accounts. See when your checking account runs out, your flight gets delayed, you get sent a message on MySpace, etc.

PageOnce has also rolled out a series of improvements to particular account types. For example, the box for a cell phone account will estimate your wireless usage and predict whether you’re likely to go over your minutes. Accounts with customer support numbers can be called with one click from PageOnce itself, and many services can be signed into with just one click as well. Email support has also been further developed so it’s more like a proper webmail interface.

Top providers currently include Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, LinkedIn, MySpace, Hotmail, Amazon, AT&T, Netflix, Flickr, Skype, American Express, and Ebay. I’m told that 50% percent of people have set up financial accounts, despite the security concerns that many commenters expressed on my first post (PageOnce assures us that it actively monitors against ID theft and fraud, and uses military level security standards).