Famous Austrian abductee credits Star Trek for outlook

Austrian Natascha K 346452aNatascha Kampusch was abducted at the age of 10. She was kept prisoner in a cramped basement for eight years. She escaped, and her story captivated Europe. Now Natascha is starting a career as a talk show host. She’s famous not just for her ordeal but also for her attitude and demeanor after the fact.

What’s interesting is in a recent interview, the famously precocious Natascha has said that she bases her morals not on the Bible or pop-psychology, but on Star Trek.

I watched a lot of Star Trek and you have a complete philosophy of life in there, even if it’s a bit idiotic and very much of its time. It had this kind of ethical and moral dimension, which I learnt from. For example, when you visit another planet you don’t question the practices of other civilisations and you don’t interfere – you shouldn’t get involved.

Well said. It’s always been said Star Trek is one of the most important influences in today’s popular culture, but this sort of story proves it.