Hallway Gossip At D6: Revver Founder Selling Stealth Startup Digisynd To Disney

Revver co-founder Oliver Luckett (on right in picture) and CTO Rob Maigret left Revver in a management shakeup in late 2006. By June 2007 they had founded their new venture, Digisynd, based in Burbank, California. In May 2008 they raised a seed round of financing from Greycroft Ventures and Villiage Ventures.

Digisynd has been deep in stealth mode, although we’ve been able to gather some basic details about them based on information from Greycroft’s site and a job listing from late 2007:

DigiSynd is an outsourced packaging, syndication, and marketing solution that enables digital studios and other content creators to get the most value out of their content online.

The company uses time-honored storytelling techniques and valuable lessons from traditional media, but applies them in a medium of online communities, virtual experiences, interactivity and user-generated content.

That’s not much to go on. But rumor is the company has sold to Disney, months before the actual launch of the product. We have this from multiple sources, although the company will not comment. Literally, in fact. When I cornered Luckett at the D6 conference yesterday and asked him about the deal he literally walked away from me. His VC, Dana Settle from Greycroft, pretended she didn’t hear my question the three times I asked her, and then also walked away. Sounds like a confirmation to me.

From what we can tell, the deal is not being done through the strike team Disney set up last year to do Internet based acquisitions, but is being led by someone else in the organization. More details as they emerge.

Credit to Brett Williams for the picture above.