Don't Debug Alone With FiveRuns' TuneUp

As Ruby on Rails devotees converge upon RailsConf 2008 (and the simultaneously held un-conference CabooseConf), performance startup FiveRuns is launching TuneUp, a “social” debugging tool for Rails applications.

The TuneUp plugin tells you specifically where a RoR app is running slowly. If you’ve coded a few ridiculously inefficient database queries, it’ll point out just which ones.

But debugging is not always so simple, so TuneUp does something sorely needed in a world dominated by Google searches for programming answers. A reporting mechanism sends your reports to TuneUp’s site for review by others. Each report, or “run”, contains your complete Rails configuration, the entire execution path of a request, and the overall execution time. When you publish these runs, other programmers and team members can diagnose your problems and offer potential fixes.

TuneUp has the potential to get rid of long posts on Ruby forums detailing programmers’ configurations, exact SQL queries, etc. Over time (if FiveRuns structures it correctly), TuneUp may form a great pool of knowledge with common programming issues and bugs – and their answers.

FiveRuns belongs in the quickly growing category of Rails applications supporting other Rails applications. New Relic, Heroku, and Engine Yard are others in the category that have recently raised big venture rounds. FiveRuns itself has raised $9 million total from Austin Ventures.

See the video below for a screencast of TuneUp.