CrunchArcade: MGS 4: 90-minute cutscenes, 4.6GB HDD install


Here’s some fodder for the entertaining yet utterly pointless console wars. It seems, according to one lonely photo posted on Flickr, that Metal Gear Solid 4 requires a 4.6GB hard drive install. Horrors! Right?

Oh, it gets better, haters! UK mag PSW, in its review of the game, says that it has cutscenes that border on the 90-minute mark. No, not a grand total of 90 minutes worth of cutscenes, but individual cutscenes that approach 90 minutes in length. That’s absurd. I’m lucky if I have two hours per night to play a game, if I even bother these days, and I fully intend to spend them playing, not watching silly cutscenes.

via PS3 Fanboy