Miniature greenhouse takes up yet another USB port

30268 Sigh. Well, it’s off to my local electronics store to purchase another USB hub. I’m honestly running out of ports (and desk space) for all of these wonderful gadgets.

I mean, I’ve got my USB ionizer, my hand-warming USB mouse, my vacuum cleaner USB mouse, my USB sheep lamp, my USB wine spout, and my USB coffee warmer, hub, and clock. I’m going to need another port for this USB greenhouse now.

The USB greenhouse requires — requires! — Windows 2000 or XP so that “you can monitor its progress on your PC.” The software will tell you when your plant needs to be watered and the kit itself comes with some marigold seeds and some “artificial soil” for you to get started, although you can plant whatever you want in there.

It costs £29.99 ($58.99 US), available here.

via geeksugar