Which ultraportable should I buy?

thinking man
I’ve been contemplating for some time on whether or not I want to purchase a smaller laptop to travel with or tote around the city. My 15-inch MBP is a great workstation, but it’s heavy and gets crushed on the plane by the jackass sitting in front of me who decides to recline the second he/she gets in the seat. I like the old 12-inch PowerBook G4s and thought about picking up a used one on CL, but my brother steered me clear of that. I like the Lenovo U110, but the X61 is probably a better choice at half the cost. I’m not at all interested in the Eee since it’s a bit underpowered for my tastes. The Air would be perfect, but it can barely do anything and contrary to popular belief (Apple’s at least) I want an optical drive and more than one USB port. I’d like to think that Apple would make another 12-inch, but the MBA puts that thought to rest.

What should I get? Mind you, I won’t actually go through with this until the Montevina chips have been rolled out so I’ve got two months before taking the plunge.