Userplane Gets Into Video Hosting

Userplane, the company behind Webchat and a number of other online communication services, has introduced a new video app dubbed “Mediaplayer”. The free white-label app will allow web publishers to add hosted video uploads to their sites under an ad-supported model.

Mediaplayer users will be able to upload videos as large as 100MB, and there is no limit on the amount of upload or streaming bandwidth they can consume. For the time being, all ad revenue from Mediaplayer will go to Userplane, but Michael Jones, the company’s CEO, says that they hope to introduce the revenue sharing model seen on their other apps in the near future. The current version of the app is restricted to video only, but the next release will feature Minichat, allowing users to chat while they watch clips.

Mediaplayer should see a significant boost in initial usage from ex-VideoEgg members. VideoEgg announced last March that it would be leaving the free video hosting space, and has named MediaPlayer as one of its recommended replacements.

Userplane was acquired by AOL in 2006 and, with more than 200,000 publishers, is one of the largest providers of online white-label services. For the time being their product will see competition from other video hosting sites including VSocial and KickApps, but with the eventual introduction of simultaneous chat they will also face off with Meeboand Videophlow, among others.