TechCrunch Euro Tour – Events across Europe

Since I write for TechCrunch from London, and since the rest of Europe is less than a two hour flight away, I am going to do some “Euro-tripping” over the next few weeks, criss-crossing the continent meeting startups and writing about them on TechCrunch (the image is courtesy of Dopplr). But I need your help. I’d like to meet as many startups as possible both informally and at the meetups we’d like to organise. I am also looking for local partners to co-organise them as well as local sponsors (especially if a meetup can coincide with a local tech event). Meetup partners and sponsors will get promoted as such on and TechCrunch UK. So here’s how to get in touch and here’s where I’ll be going:

May 15th
Come and say hi, as I’ll be at this premier event for European startups.

May 21st
Startup 2.0
Come and say hi as I’ll be at this great new competition for European startups. Here is the meetup page.

May 23rd
TechCrunch Prague Meetup
(With Crunch Gear’s very own John Biggs as your host)

Newcastle, UK
Thinking Digital
May 22nd
Major new event in Newcastle, along the lines of DLD, TED

Seedcamp Paris
June 6th
Come and say hi as I’ll be at this influential competition for French startups.

June 11th
Berlin TechCrunch Meetup!
It’s gonna be huge…

June 12th
A great new event in New Europe. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a TechCrunch meetup here.

June 20th
Come and say hi, as I’ll be at this cool new event for startups and VCs in Rome.

July 4th
Mobile 2.0 Europe
Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a TechCrunch meetup at this new European conference for Mobile 2.0 startups and investors.

Techcrunch / TechLudd Mashup
June 26th
A TechCrunch meetup held in conjunction with TechLudd (the Irish startup networking event). Watch TechCrunch UK & Ireland for details of the event, to be announced soon. Save the date! (A little more info is here).

Other TechCrunch Events in Europe:
TechCrunch UK has started organising events, including a recent London Meetup TechCrunch Dinners (our first was with Scott Rafer here). We are looking for other notable speakers for panels and events, so please get in contact if you are going to be in London at some point and we’ll schedule you in.

We are also planning some “TechCrunch Drinks” events in London. And we want to do other meetups around Europe (and I mean all of Europe, including Eastern Europe), so please get in touch about sponsoring and co-organising those with us. Thanks!